At BikeWithUs we take pride in offering the best possible service and maximum relaxation in connection with your holiday. We have allied ourselves with a number of fantastic partners, who are committed to offer you the best and absolutely unforgettable bike holiday experience.

Can you imagine anything more pleasant than resting your legs, enjoying the west coast’s harsh and beautiful nature after a satisfying day in the saddle of your bike?



Your accommodation for the first night is arranged in unique double rooms with room for 4 people in Lemvig.

The first highlight of the day after every overnight stay is a delicious breakfast after a relaxing night’s sleep. At BikeWithUs, breakfast is inclusive at any of our accommodation arrangements.

We are very proud of the fact that we can present new and modern facilities for our guests at BikeWithUs.

On the second day the trip goes to Agger, where we welcome you at this fantastic accommodation.

In these beautiful surroundings you will spend your 2nd night with BikeWithUs

On the third day your destination target is Klitmøller. In Klitmøller, couples will stay in one of our popular 2-persons “hobbit” huts, which are quite a hit amongst visitors.

If you are a family, you would stay in our traditional cabins in Klitmøller, which are spacious and beautifully designed to accommodate a family of up to 4-persons.

We and our partners make sure, that your holiday will be something extraordinary and you will experience unique and pleasant nights on your west coast road trip.